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High Performance Propellers

All boaters want to get the maximum amount of performance out of their boat.  Delaware Propeller's online catalog has a great selection of high performing propellers to choose from. Picking the correct prop is the first place to start.  With several different styles of props and modifications available, getting top-notch performance has been made easier.  To determine which prop is the best fit for your application, you must first know what kind of performance you are looking to get.  

Outboard/Sterndrive Performance

For those people looking for the best performance on the low end (towing and pulling), or those with a heavier load, a lower pitch would be recommended.  In some instances, having a low pitch three blade propeller may not be enough.  If this is the case, then a four blade propeller would be needed.  If you are running a three blade propeller with maximum recommended RPMs and are still not getting the hole shot  you desire, switching to the correctly pitched four blade prop will increase your hole shot without gaining any RPMs.  Most manufacturers require that you drop one degree in pitch and add a blade to get this performance.  However, some manufacturers do produce four blade propellers which are recommended to run the same pitch as a three blade.  Please contact us to determine the correct pitch of four blade prior to purchasing a propeller.

For those people looking for the most top-end speed out of their boat, a higher pitched propeller would be recommended.  Many people believe getting the highest pitch available for their application would result in the best top-end speed,  but this is not true.  You must get the highest pitched propeller that still turns enough RPMs to receive maximum speed.  Going with a higher pitched propeller will result in a slower take off, but once you plane out,  your top-end speed will increase.

There are many different styles of high-performance stainless steel propellers out there.  These propellers run a higher rake and have different amounts of cup in comparison to an aluminum propeller.  These differences allow for improved bow lift and better all around performance.  Many high-performance stainless steel propellers are recommended to be ran at a higher motor elevation.  With multiple blades styles, getting the propeller that best suits your application is easy.  

Inboard Performance

For those people who use ballast bags or add weight for wakeboarding or surfing, a larger diameter propeller is recommended.  With more blade surface, your propeller will push more water at a lower RPM.  A lower pitch is recommended as well to gain hole shot and a higher pitch is recommended for maximum top-end speed.  Many manufacturers make multiple diameters for the same pitch.  Depending on your desired performance, a slight variation in diameter may help you receive the performance you are looking for.

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